Barabbas 1961 - Movie Review

Barabbas Trailer ©1961 Barrabás Spanish LA-CR-0

Barabbas Trailer ©1961 Barrabás Spanish LA-CR-0

Barabbas 1961 movie Trailer

This is the fictionalized story of Barabbas based on a fascinating passage in the New Testament: when Pontius Pilate asks the people of Jerusalem whom they want freed--Jesus of Nazareth or Barabbas (Anthony Quinn), a thief and murderer—the

people cry out forBarabbas.  And though he is set free, the event is one that hauntsBarabbas for the rest of his life.  After watching his former lover, Rachel, being stoned to death for her belief in Jesus, Barabbas returns to his life of thievery.

Barabbas 1961

Barabbas 1961 film

Barabbas: Prisoner and Gladiator

Arrested again, he is sent to the sulphur mines and then to a gladiator school where he witnesses yet another friend give his life in the name of the Nazarene.  It is only at the end, when Barabbashimself faces crucifixion, that he discovers his faith.

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