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David and Goliath (1960) Orson Welles and Ivica Pajer FULL MOVIE01:32:27

David and Goliath (1960) Orson Welles and Ivica Pajer FULL MOVIE

David and Goliath 1960 movie video

As the brave young man with the sling and precision aim, my full 3-star rating goes to the dreamy Ivo. Not only did this sweet baby, with the nicest pair of hairy legs in Israel, look deliciously sensational in his mini-tunic that revealed plenty, but he actually wasn't such a bad actor, either.

This so-so Italian production also starred the bloated and wasted looking actor Orson Welles who played King Saul. Thank goodness Welles' screentime only took up about a quarter of the story, leaving the gist of the film to showcase the handsome, curly-haired Ivo. 
Welles performance as Saul was truly an uninspired embarrassment. Most 

David and Goliath

of the time he looked like he had either just woken up from a restless sleep or he was recovering from a brutal hang-over (which he probably was).
Another major let-down in this film was Goliath. He looked to me like a cross between a clueless apeman and an over-sized, bearded hillbilly, and his extra-large stature was not in the least bit intimidating. I found that the final confrontation between this gorilla-sized oaf and the skillful slinger David to be over in such a flash that it disqualified it as being the much-lauded highlight of the picture.
But, all of these complaints about this movie were gladly forgiven by myself since I had my sites continually set on Ivo Payer who shone like a golden, he-man of an angel and made the b-grade inferiority of this film seem completely worth my while. Without Ivo Payer I would've rated this film with only 1 star.

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