David and Goliath (1960) - Movie Review

David and Goliath (1960) Orson Welles and Ivica Pajer FULL MOVIE

David and Goliath (1960) Orson Welles and Ivica Pajer FULL MOVIE

David and Goliath 1960 movie video

As the brave young man with the sling and precision aim, my full 3-star rating goes to the dreamy Ivo. Not only did this sweet baby, with the nicest pair of hairy legs in Israel, look deliciously sensational in his mini-tunic that revealed plenty, but he actually wasn't such a bad actor, either.

This so-so Italian production also starred the bloated and wasted looking actor Orson Welles who played King Saul. Thank goodness Welles' screentime only took up about a quarter of the story, leaving the gist of the film to showcase the handsome, curly-haired Ivo. 
Welles performance as Saul was truly an uninspired embarrassment. Most 

David and Goliath

of the time he looked like he had either just woken up from a restless sleep or he was recovering from a brutal hang-over (which he probably was).
Another major let-down in this film was Goliath. He looked to me like a cross between a clueless apeman and an over-sized, bearded hillbilly, and his extra-large stature was not in the least bit intimidating. I found that the final confrontation between this gorilla-sized oaf and the skillful slinger David to be over in such a flash that it disqualified it as being the much-lauded highlight of the picture.
But, all of these complaints about this movie were gladly forgiven by myself since I had my sites continually set on Ivo Payer who shone like a golden, he-man of an angel and made the b-grade inferiority of this film seem completely worth my while. Without Ivo Payer I would've rated this film with only 1 star.

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