El mártir del Calvario 1952 - Movie Review

El Martir del Calvario (1 11)-0

El Martir del Calvario (1 11)-0

El Martir del Calvario 1952 movie trailer

The Martyr of Calvary is a refreshing contrast to many Hollywood versions of the life of Christ. It is faithful to the gospels and doesn't wimp out on depicting Jesus' miracles or his resurrection. The pacing and acting are good. Even though I don't speak much Spanish, I could follow the story, pick out which disciple

El-martir-del-calvario 1952

El Martir del Calvarion 1952 Mexican drama film

was which, and figure out what was being said on screen. Enrique Rambal makes a decent Jesus, although his Fifties flat top hairstyle can be a bit distracting at first. I picked up this one at my local library not knowing what to expect, especially from a foreign language film, and was pleasantly surprised.

31 March 2013 | by kevin_s_scrivner

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