Give Us Barabas 1961 - movie review

Give Us Barabbas! was originally telecast in color on March 26, 1961. The story begins during the trial of Jesus,

Give us Barabbas 1961

Give us Barabbas 1961 film

conducted by Pontius Pilate (Dennis King). Giving the populace a choice between Jesus and the thief Barabbas (James Daly) as to whom will be crucified, the crowd shouts back "Give Us Barabbas!". Following the crucifixion, Barabbas undergoes a transformation; a thief no more, he spends the rest of his life atoning to the martyred Jesus. Written by Henry Denker, the 60-minute, videotaped Give Us Barabbas was the Easter offering of the long-running anthology Hallmark Hall of Fame.

by: Hal Erickson, Rovi

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